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Kendu Isaacs Blames Divorce For Hospitalization


Kendu Isaacs

Kendu Isaacs blames divorce for hospitalization.  Kendu needs to go somewhere and sit down.  According to  he is claiming the stress from his divorce to Mary J sent him to the hospital.  He’s says he is unemployable and can’t pay his rent without Mary’s money.  Really Kendu??  He’s getting $30,000 a month and wants the judge to award him a additional $35,000.  How can you not be able to survive on $30,000 a month?  Even Publishing Clearing giving away $5000.00 a week (which is real good money) is less than what he is receiving.  I know Kendu is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, but it’s a new year and time for you to make some readjustments.  Learn to make what you have work.  Get a damn job!!!

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