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Should Megan Markle’s Dad Attend The Royal Wedding?


Prince Harry and Meghan

Should Megan Markle’s dad attend the Royal Wedding?  I say he should.  You may have heard by now that her father posed for pictures and it is causing problems.  Her dad Thomas Markle was planning to walk his daughter Megan Markle down the aisle, but now says  that he does not want to embarrass his daughter or the royal family after taking those staged photos for a paparazzi agency. He admitted to TMZ that he made a deal to allow a photo agency to take the pictures of him getting ready for the wedding, but said his primary reason for doing it was not the money. The photos show Thomas getting measured for a suit and sitting inside an internet cafe looking at pictures of his daughter and Harry.
He said he agreed to the deal because past paparazzi photos made him look bad, like a drunk, and he wanted pictures that made him look like he was experiencing a clean cut life.  However, he now says the new photos made him look stupid and hammy” and he regrets the deal.   Mr. Markle yes you messed up.  Now go man up if your health allows and walk your daughter down the aisle.

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