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Georgia Officials Stop Black Seniors From Voting



Georgia Officials stop black seniors from voting.  Yes officials in Jefferson County, Georgia had to explain themselves after preventing a group of black seniors from taking a bus trip to go vote.
The trip was organized by a nonpartisan group called Black Votes Matter, but a county official vetoed the trip, saying it was ‘political’ and violated county guidelines. The county also said it was ‘uncomfortable’ with allowing the voters to leave the senior center with ‘an unknown third party, and insists that the seniors were not denied the right to vote.
A Black Votes Matter spokeswoman called it “an intimidation tactic”. Georgia’s Secretary of State recently came under fire for allegedly sitting on 50,000 voter registrations, the majority of which were from black residents.
Do you think this was a voter suppression tactic? Should voting be considered a ‘political’ act? Should the county be able to tell someone they can’t get on a bus?

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