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Final Decision to Blurred Lines is Made


Robin Thicke

Final Decision to Blurred Lines is made.  A final judgement of nearly $5 million has been made against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams and in favor of Marvin Gaye’s family in their long time copyright infringement case for the song “Blurred Lines.”
According to the new amended judgement, Thicke, Williams, and Williams’ publishing company are now required to pay Gaye’s family .
Jointly they owe the family $2,848,846.50. Robin has to pay an additional $1,768,191.88 and Williams and his publishing company will pay another $357,630.97.
Marvin’s family will also get royalties for 50 percent of the songwriter and publishing revenue of the song from now on.
Do you think that Marvin’s family got too much? What lesson do you feel music producers learned from this verdict?

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