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Hanging Out With Your Besties is Good For Your Health



Hanging out with your besties is good for your health.  Yes, hanging Out With Your Besties Twice A Week Could Improve Your Mental And Emotional Health
Hanging with your bestie could prolong your life. According to a study from the University of Oxford, hanging out with your best friends twice a week can help your physical, mental and emotional health.
According to the study, women deal with stress better when around their friends due to Oxytocin which is the “love hormone” and men also benefit from hanging with the guys, so what are you waiting for call your BFF now, your health depends on it!  I know having besties in my life has been a major blessing!  My besties Lesia, Lawonda, Lashonda, Priscilla ji
How often do you and your bestie hang out?

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