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What?? Tank Says Men Can Give Oral Sex Twice to a Man and Not Be Gay



What in the heaven is going on??  Yes Tank recently said in a interview that men can give oral sex to other men and not be gay. Believe it or not people are agreeing with him.  Tank said He did it once and and wasn’t sure he liked it, and said ok let me try it again, and that’s when he realized it was not for him.  He says it doesn’t mean he’s gay.

Of course, many folks on Black Twitter weren’t here for Tank’s explanation  and Tank came back at the outrage saying calling folks homophobic. He says homophobia is as real as racism and it plagues our community the worst.  What I do know about this is Tank will be in concert in Grand Prairie at the Theater in Grand Prairie, with Fantasia and Robin Thicke on November 14th.

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