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Popeyes Worker Fired for Putting Son to Work


Popeyes chicken 3

Okay, this Popeyes chicken sandwich craze is getting out of hand. An employee was fired for putting his 8 year old son to work to help with the overwhelming demand for their chicken sandwiches.  It was not bring your child to work day, and it certainly was not put your child to work day either.  This happened in The Colony, where a customer took video of the 8 year old boy in a apron mixing flour for the batter.  Of course the company was not to happy about this and because of federal and state labor laws to put a child to work, the employee was fired.  I have never seen anything like this in my life like the things that have happened over this chicken sandwich, from someone being murdered, to a woman being body slammed, to a woman who crashed her luxury vehicle all in the name of a sandwich.  Through all of this, I still have not had a chance to get a sandwich.  Maybe one day.

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