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Mike Tyson Says Michael Jackson Was a “Player”


Mike Tyson

Now this story is something else…Mike Tyson said he spent years hating Michael Jackson.
Then he got to know him and that all changed.
Tyson was a recent guest on rapper TI’s ExpediTIously podcast and said that back in 1986 when he had just become the heavyweight champion of the world and was backstage at a Michael Jackson concert. He said that MJ treated him like he was a nobody.
Later on a mutual friend told him that MJ wanted to hang out and that’s when he learned that MJ was not stupid or feeble as he had been portrayed to be.
He described MJ as a player who was an expert in seduction. He said that Michael Jackson even offered HIM pointers on how to land beautiful women.
Tyson said prior to meeting MJ he always thought he was a f-ing idiot. I learned to respect him. I knew he was a player.

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