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Michigan Sheriff Joins Protesters



A Michigan sheriff joined protesters in Flint Township on Saturday.
He put his weapon down and said, I want to make this a parade, not a protest.
He continued, the only reason we’re here is to make sure that you got a voice-that’s it.
The crowd chanted, walk with us!”
To which he answered, let’s go!
The video went viral with many saying “this is what we need.”  The bottom line is, that there are some really good police officers out there, and those few bad apples ruin it for everyone else.  Just like the protesters…There are people out there doing what is right to be heard and have a voice against racism, and then those few trouble makers, looters etc. get in the mix and the whole point is distorted.
Do you think more officers have to get back into the community at a grassroots level? Less talk and more action like the sheriff in Michigan?

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