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T.I. Gives Up Meat For His Health



Mr.  T.I. has just celebrated his 40th birthday and is everyone know how he continues to look so young.
During an interview with Men’s Health, Tip revealed that reaching 40 made him think more about his health and because of that he works out and keeps fruit and veggies in stock in the fridge.
He also revealed that he no longer eats animal proteins like chicken and other red meats for a pescatarian lifestyle. Okay, I have never heard of the term pescatarian, but it looks like it means that you don’t eat meat but you still eat seafood and veggies.  I like it…
Tip also  says his change in diet is the reason he has more energy and says that because of the change he “no longer feels tired throughout the day.” I have cut down my meat intake a lot, only eating chicken once a month for the last 3 months, working on eliminating it all together, but I will continue to eat seafood….
Have you ever tried to give up meat? What foods help keep you feeling healthy?

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