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Tipsy Tiffany Haddish Says Meghan Markle Respects the Queen (Video)


Tiffany Haddish

Uh oh.  TMZ caught Tiffany Haddish leaving a restaurant and it was obvious that she was real tipsy.  She was with 2 bouncers who tried to shut her up and keep her from talking to the press.

When asked about Meghan Markle, Tiff made one thing clear: “I believe anything a Black woman says!”

Her Uber driver tried to roll Tiff’s window up, but she beckoned TMZ to come closer to the car, telling them, “The only time I don’t believe anything a Black woman says is if this is my STD test — ’cause I got my own microscope, B*TCH!”  This girl was drunk!!

Tiffany said Meghan “didn’t lie on the Queen. She respects the Queen. That’s our Queendom.”

Tiffany is up for a Grammy nomination this weekend.  I’m sure she will sober up by then.

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