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Sheree Whitfield and Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliam not Speaking?


Sheree Whitfield

Uh oh…According to The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG Sheree Whitfield and her handsome recently released prison boyfriend Tyrone Gilliam are not speaking.  Why?  Since Tyrone was released from prison, (he was in for wire fraud) he has been confined to a half way house in Philadelphia.  Where the problem allegedly stems from is the fact that Tyrone was supposed to be a major part of the storyline on the up coming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The drama began with Sheree wanting to show off her relationship on camera, and she wanted to film a scene with her and Tyrone at a restaurant.  The problem is that Tyrone is still on home confinement and filming that scene could put his freedom in jeopardy.  So sources are saying that Sheree and the producers and filming the scene making it look as though Tyrone stood her up.  Tyrone is not happy with that because if his parole officers think that he is filming the show, that could get him in hot water with them…I’m with Tyrone on this one.  Filming a television show is nothing compared to your freedom…Stay tuned.

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