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Phaedra and Kenya Returning To RHOA?

Phaedra and Kenya returning to RHOA?   When Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore left the “Real Housewives” of Atlanta fans were disappointed, but could there be a comeback for the two ladies? Ratings for the show have declined since the two left the show, and the theory of bringing the ladies back is not out… Read more »

Sheree Whitfield Says She Is Not Married To Felon

Sheree Whitfield says she is not married to felon.  That’s according to the website  I hear you Sheree but the picture she took with Tyrone Gilliams kind of tells a different story.  Unlike Kenya who I think has the fake marriage to get more camera time, (especially with Ne Ne and Kim coming back) Sheree… Read more »

Sheree Whitfield Fined & On Probation Over Party

After everything Sheree Whitfield went through to get Chateau Sheree ready for her housewarming party  that she hosted on October 28th for The Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast and crew, now she has to deal with being fined for not having the proper permits for parking due to cars being parked everywhere, and her neighbor… Read more »

Sheree Whitfield Sues Insurance Company

Oh Lawd… Chateau Sheree…Even though Sheree Whitfield still hasn’t moved into her dream home for one reason or another, she is now suing her insurance company for $279,940. Read Here to Find Out

Sheree Whitfield Sued Over Unpaid House Bill

Not again…More money problems with Chateau Sheree.  Sheree Whitfield can’t seem to get this home (Chateau Sheree) finished. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold.  Find something more suitable for your current lifestyle,   maybe look at a nice townhouse like Cynthia Bailey has.  If you can’t finish Chateau Sheree,  you can’t finish it.  Just my thoughts…… Read more »