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Jeezy Buys Property Every Year On His Birthday: ‘I Don’t Buy Chains, Watches Or Cars’



Jeezy revealed on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast that he invests in property — not showy stuff — every year on his birthday.
“Every big check I ever got, I bought property. Every time I had a birthday, I buy property,” he said. “I don’t buy chains, watches, cars, none of that; I buy property.”

Jeezy credits his business partner Solo, for giving him game. The Atlanta rapper says he purchased land and buildings and has put his friends and associates on to the real estate game.

“When I got the game, I just really wanted to give it to everybody else ’cause it was sweet! I’m like, ‘Why we flipping bricks when we can be doing this sh_t? It’s easy!’” said, Jeezy.

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