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Keisha Knight Pulliam Wins Custody and Divorce

Keisha Knight Pulliam wins custody and divorce.  I know she is relieved.  Keisha Knight Pulliam has won custody of her daughter Ella Grace and a divorce from Ed Hartwell.  She will get primary custody, while Ed will get visitation rights.  Ed will have to pay $3000. a month in child support.  It looks like Ed… Read more »


Keisha Knight Pulliam Says Ed Hartwell Is On Drugs

Oh lawd… the drama with Keisha Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell continues…Now Keisha is saying that Ed is on anti depressants and says she fears for her baby spending time with him.  This is to much.  These two need to get it together for the sake of that beautiful baby they have.  Read all about the… Read more »

Malcolm Jamal Warner To Star In New ABC Series

One former Cosby Kid just had a baby and is going through real life drama with her ex, and another Cosby Kid is putting in the work, set to star in a new series on ABC.  Malcolm Jamal Warner has signed on to star in “Ten Day’s In The Valley’, also starring Kyra Sedwick.  He… Read more »

More DRAMA For Keisha Knight And Ed Hartwell

Oh lawd..More drama for Keisha Knight Pulliam and her ex husband Ed Hartwell and it is getting real crazy!!  She is talking to he press saying that Ed Hartwell was abusive during their marriage and is plotting to kill their unborn child. She wants the judge in their divorce case to have Ed get a mental… Read more »

Lisa Wu Calls Out Keisha Knight Pulliam

Hot mess!!  That’s what’s going on with Keisha Knight and Ed Hartwell.  The sad part is I was cheering for them to make it as a couple, but Ed leaving her while she is pregnant with child is not cool at all.  Now Lisa Wu is coming out and having her say against Keisha saying… Read more »