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Fantasia Gets Backlash For Expressing This

Fantasia Gets Backlash For Expressing This Fantasia is getting some push back for an opinion she expressed earlier this week (on the Breakfast Club). Fantasia said, “Most women are trying to be a leader, that’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen… Read more »


Fantasia: What Staff? I Lost Everything Twice

Fantasia: What Staff?  I lost everything twice.   After hearing what she had to say, I just found another reason to love Fantasia.  She really expressed herself to sister DJ Tammie Mac when in Los Angeles for the BET Awards.    She really spoke on how she lost everything twice, due to having too many people… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez

Jo Lo Not Performing Motown at the Grammys

J Lo not performing at the Grammys.  Yes yesterday the internet went wild when we heard that J Lo would be performing a Motown tribute….Not true…It looks like Diana Ross and Stevie “will” be included and a host of others that you will love. Click below to see the whole list of performers. See here


Fantasia Will Perform at the Aretha Franklin Tribute

Fantasia will perform at the Aretha Franklin Tribute.  The internet was in a tizzy when the names of artists performing at Aretha Franklin’s Tribute concert were announced and some important names were missing. Tyler Perry is hosting the event. Names such as Patti LaBelle, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Bebe Winans and SZA were… Read more »


Fantasia Sells Her NC Home, Takes a Big Loss

Fantasia sells her NC home, takes a big loss.  It happens, life happens.  Fantasia bought this beautiful North Carolina home back in 2004 for $740,000 and in February cut the price to $500,000 and cut the price down even more selling the home for $465,000.  I hope she is doing alright in her life, hopefully… Read more »


Fantasia’s Nephew Shot And Killed

Fantasia’s Nephew shot and killed.  This is so sad.  He was only 18 years old.  He got into a argument at a apartment complex and was shot and killed a short time later.  The police did arrest someone in connection with the shooting and charged him with first degree murder.  Our Condolences are with you… Read more »

Fantasia And Husband Renew Wedding Vows

If anyone deserves to be happy in her relationship, it’s Fantasia.  Fantasia has always been open about her relationships and we know she has faced hurt (public hurt ) in some of them.  When I interviewed her about a year ago, she said she went on a 7 month fast before meeting her husband Kendall… Read more »

Fantasia Owes the IRS Big Time, Hit With Tax Lien

Fantasia just can’t seem to get her finances in order. She has faced numerous lawsuits lately and saved her North Carolina home from foreclosure only to default on her home loan, forcing the bank to seize it. And now, the IRS has hit her with a federal tax lien for failure to pay nearly $100,000… Read more »