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Dallas Cowboys

Eagles Withdraw Proposal Against Dallas Cowboys

Eagles Withdraw proposal against Dallas Cowboys. The Philadelphia Eagles tried to break up a Thanksgiving Day tradition. The Eagles had sent a proposal to the league to have the Dallas Cowboys play their annual Thanksgiving Day games away from AT&T Stadium every other year, according to CBS Sports. What???  As long as I can remember… Read more »

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott’s Dog Faces Dangerous Dog Hearing

Dak Prescott’s dog faces dangerous dog hearing.  Damn Dak’s dog is being held at a Collin County animal shelter after he bit their neighbor, and get this, he (the dog) has to remain there until a hearing is held to see whether he is a dangerous animal.  If it is determined the dog is dangerous,… Read more »

Jason Witten

Jason Witten Coming Back to Play With The Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten coming back to play with the Dallas Cowboys.  Jason Witten is coming out of retirement and re-joining the Dallas Cowboys, ending his run in the Monday Night Football booth. Witten will reportedly sign a one-year, $3.5 million contract to return to the Cowboys, where he is the all-time team leader in receptions, receiving… Read more »

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott’s Dad Arrested for Weed

Dak Prescott’s dad arrested for weed. Yes, Dak’s daddy was arrested while driving down hwy.87 near Houston.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation when the officer’s discovered the less than 2 grams of weed. Now Dak’ dad is 57 years old and at the age isn’t it time to stop smoking weed? I… Read more »


Cowboys Expected To Release Dez Bryant

Cowboys expected to release Dez Bryant.  Nooo!!  Say it ain’t !!  It’s so. No one quite knew which direction things would go when Dez Bryant met with Jerry Jones.  Jerry and his son Stephen made it very clear they were not happy with the return they were getting on their $70 million investment.   Not… Read more »

Zeke Ellicott

Zeke Ellicott Speaks Out: I’m Not An Abuser

Zeke Ellicott Speaks Out: I’m not an abuser.  Yes he will be playing today against Kansas but Zeke and his legal team have been working overtime to keep him on the football field.  So far all we have heard is Zeke is being accused of domestic violence.  We saw that the NFL has been pushing… Read more »

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys 2016 Season Schedule Announced

Wouldn’t you know it.  The Dallas Cowboys 2016 Season starting out on September 11th (911) playing The New York Giants.  That’s the way you start the “new” season! Click Here To View The 2016 Season

Will Dez Bryant Play Today Against Seattle?

Please Big Dez play today!  That’s what ESPN  sources are saying…Dez Bryant will be in the line up today.  Now if this is true, this is great news!! There will be a lot going on today at AT & T Stadium.  Kick off at 3:25 PM Read Here

Our Dallas Cowboy’s Take On The Atlanta Falcon’s Today

Here we go!  Our 1st game without “our” Tony.  Not having Tony Romo will pose some challenges for our boys against Atlanta, but I’m always hopeful that we can win this. What are the pro’s and con’s of this lineup?  Click below to find out and see what you think. Read Here

Dallas Cowboys Take On De Marco Murray and Philly Today

It’s football Sunday and the big game today is of course our Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.  Kick off is 3:25 PM and with De Marco Murray playing for Philadelphia, it’s going to be something to see. So many of us were disappointed when we lost De Marco, breaking up  the Big 3 – Tony… Read more »