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LA Honors Former President Obama With Obama Blvd.

LA Honors Former President Obama with Obama Blvd. Los Angeles has decided to honor former president Barack Obama by renaming a 3.5 mile piece of Rodeo Road. Obama Boulevard will be unveiled on May 4 along with a free festival. This isn’t the first time Obama has had a roadway named after him, last year… Read more »

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Memoir Reaches 10 Million Copies Sold

Michelle Obama Memoir Reaches 10 Million Copies Sold Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming has sold over ten million copies so far, putting the autobiography on a record-setting pace. The book was the top seller of 2018 despite only being released in November, and is on pace to be the best-selling memoir in modern history. Obama’s book… Read more »

President Obama Snubbed In China

I don’t care what your politics are, you should display respect and common courtesy to a American President or any President when they arrive in your country.  According to that is not what the Chinese did when President Obama arrived in China. Our President was snubbed by Chinese officials  when he arrived in on… Read more »

Usher Serenaded By President And Michelle Obama

Now this is so adorable.  Another reason why I am going to miss the Obama’s when they leave the White House.  Usher was recently at the White House with POTUS and FLOTUS and they serenaded him for his birthday!!  I sure wish I could have been there to serenade him, because I have a crush on him!!!  It… Read more »

Michelle Obama: I Will Not Run For President

Nope, Michelle Obama is not going to pull a Hillary Clinton and run for President.  Flotus say she has other things she wants to accomplish when she and the President leaves office. Read More Here

President Obama Responds To Little Girl Who Cried

You may have heard by now about the little girl whose video went viral when she heard that President Obama was leaving office at the end of this year. Well, President Obama being the gentleman that he is has responded to the little girl. Read what he said here

President Obama San Bernardino Speech Tonight 7 PM

When will the killing stop?  The shooting’s in San Bernardino is a tragedy no one wants to see.  This week I was in Los Angeles visiting a friend, when I  heard about the shooting’s from another friend here in the Dallas. San Bernardino is about 5o miles from Los Angeles, and concerns are always there for… Read more »