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D.L. Hughley Takes On FOX News…And Wins!


D.L. Hughley made an appearance on Megyn Kelly’s show on the FOX News Channel to discuss the issue of police brutality and it didn’t take long for things to do down hill.

The Original King of Comedy’s segment followed a segment that featured Mark Fuhrman who perjured himself during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, Fuhrman is now a FOX News contributor.

“I think that cops have a different perspective than us and I think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman, who got in trouble for perjuring himself call someone a liar. It’s ridiculous to me,” Hughley said.

Check out the entire segment that featured Kelly talking over and at one point yelling at Hughley, but in the end it was D.L. held his own and didn’t back down.

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