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Gospel Singer Vicki Yohe Slammed For Trump Post!


Black Twitter and the Gospel community has gone all the way in on singer Vicki Yohe over a post on her social media site. The singer who is white and famous for her song “Because Of Who You Are” does a majority of her ministry in black churches and over the weekend she posted a meme of Jesus with the caption “On My Way Back to the White House.”

Twitter immediately erupted with hundreds fans slamming Yohe for her post and vowing not to support her or her ministry.

Yohe has issued this apology:

I never want to hurt anyone and that has never been my intention. If I have hurt you I am truly sorry.
It is true that I am excited by the thought of a government that will protect Christianity and not attack it. I do not condone any wrong things Trump has said or done in the past. I also did not mean to imply that Obama was not a Christian, but meant that the policies his administration pursued many times went against what most Christians believe.

I posted this pic quickly after someone sent it to me. In retrospect I know that in haste I did it without considering how some may view it and the meanings they would derive from it. I regret that, and apologize for it.

Various people with large followings have attacked me on their social media platforms. In the last 24 plus hours, I have been branded a racist, and endured continual attacks from thousands of people. We had to shut down all social media because of the scores of vulgar messages and threats. We are still getting emails and phone calls, calling me nasty things and above all RACIST!

Their goal now is to ruin me. We have churches calling to cancel their ministry dates, and thousands of people saying they will never buy the music again. I know who I am and who I am not, and I am not a racist. People who know my personal life would find that label the most ridiculous adjective you could assign to me. Bottom line I WAS WRONG, but my intentions were not what they have been perceived to be.

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