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Trump Defender Calls Don Lemon Lazy!!!!

During a conversation about racism Don Lemon’s guest called him lazy. John Frederick quickly found out that Don wasn’t haven’t it! We all know what the code word “lazy’ means when address minorities.  As if this country didn’t already have a race problem this week the  President of United States threw gas on the race-relations… Read more »

SNL: Melissa McCarthy Is Back As Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy is back as Donald Trump’s, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin nails Donald Trump on another epic episode of Saturday Night Live. It’s the return of the Wacko White House Press Briefing. After this week in U.S. politics we need a good laugh because most of this madness is really disrespectful to… Read more »

Trump: Drugs Are Cheaper Than Candy Bars

Donald Trump makes the claim that in the United States, “Drugs are cheaper than candy bars”. The average price of a candy bar is $1.50. Even if  you voted for him or not you have to admit this is an “Alternative Fact”. Please tell me what drugs he is talking about?

Trump Keeping Obamacare [WATCH]

Donald Trump is back-peddling already on one of the main promises he made during his run for the Oval Office. He admits he likes the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and said he is keeping the lifesaving healthcare mandate. Let me guess, he will modify a few provisions and slap his name on it and… Read more »

TX DOT Road Signs Hacked [Watch]

Early Tuesday Morning motorists were amused by the messages that were flashing on the construction signs along I-30 in Dallas. TXDOT was hacked and the signs had a variety of messages to distract motorists. One sign said “Go Home, Work Has Been Cancelled”.  The perpetrator has not been caught but could face up to 10… Read more »

Trump’s Campaign Inciting Violence [WATCH]

If you haven’t paid attention to Donald Trump’s campaign speeches lately please take a moment and see what is really going on with the man who is leading the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States.  Trump won’t take responsibility for his comments and is blaming the press for the violence at his… Read more »