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Why Dak Prescott Is The Man


Yes I have a “Cougar Crush” on Mr. Dak Prescott, but each day we see more reasons to love him but most importantly be inspired by him.  He is a man who represents “Faith” and Determination.  You see, The Dallas Cowboys entered the 2016 draft to get a young quarterback to back up Tony Romo.  After failing to trade up to select Paxon Lynch and Connor Cook, my “Cougar Crush” Mr. Prescott was selected in the fourth round (135th overall) and look at him now.

My point is look at how GOD works.  Sometimes we feel we are being overlooked in our lives, maybe it’s at our jobs, where we know we are the best at what we do, but haven’t been given the chance to do it.  Or we have been he ready all the time, and each time we are passed over for someone else.  Dak Prescott is showing us to stay faithful, and stay ready because our chance may not come in our time, but in GODS time, and we have to be ready.

I am so impressed by his poise and humbleness.  He is a special young man, and right now our whole Dallas Cowboy team is something to be proud of…Go Cowboys!

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