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Judge Mathis Allegedly Spit in Valet’s Face


Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis Allegedly Spit in Valet’s Face
Judge Greg Mathis has changed his tune on spitting because a valet is now taking legal action against the judge after he says he spit on him because he took too long to bring his Rolls Royce back to him.
Judge Mathis valet parked his car at Flood’s Bar and Grille in Detroit on Friday (August 23rd) when he got angry about the valet taking his keys while retrieving another car.
The valet, who took 10-15 minutes to return with Mathis’ Rolls, was met with an angry Judge Mathis, who cursed and spit at him prior to leaving the scene.
The valet filed a police report claiming criminal assault, there were also witnesses to the incident, so it looks like the judge will be on the other side of the bench.
Judge Mathis once ruled a case where someone spit on a police officer, Mathis was shocked that the man was “still alive,” have you ever been spit on? How did you react

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