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LL Cool J Says He Paved the Way For Rappers to Do Love Songs


LL Cool J

LL Cool J says he paved the way for rappers to do love songs.  I agree.  Every time I play “I Need Love” by LL, I always said it was the first hip hop love song.
The 1987 hit was the first time you heard a soft melody and female-friendly lyrics from a hardcore rapper. “They didn’t even understand this idea at the time that hip-hop could go there. But, you know, that’s part of being a pioneer,” LL said.
LL faced backlash over the song, while performing “I Need Love” in London LL says he got booed. Elsewhere during the interview LL says he’s compared to Drake all the time, however he believes he’s different from Drake but is happy that he paved the way for him.
If “I Need Love” was remade featuring a current artist, who do you think would be the best pick?

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