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Gorilla Glue Girl Records Song About Ordeal


Gorilla Glue Girl

Gorilla Glue Girl has a new song and she wants everyone to hear it. Tessica Brown has recorded a song which she debuted on her TikTok titled, “Ma Hair.”

Brown’s manager, Gina Rodriguez says Tessica recorded the song last month with the help of independent music producer Phil Valley.

Brown had reached out to Nicki Minaj to be a part of the song, however, she never heard back from the Brooklyn rapper. Nicki had shouted out the “Gorilla Glue” girl in her song, “Fractions,” but doesn’t seem to be interested in any collabs with the viral sensation.

If you’re wondering why Tessica is still talking about her unfortunate situation she says she wanted to “reclaim her voice” on the matter and felt that putting out a rap song, which she wrote herself, was the perfect way to do it.

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