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New York Times Confuses Angela Bassett for Omarosa

New York Times Confuses Angela Bassett for Omarosa.  What??  The New York Times made a serious blunder in a picture when Angela Bassett and Tiffany Haddish were giving Rachel Brosnhan the outstanding actress in a lead comedy.  They mistakenly said Angela Bassett was Omarosa.  You know the internet went wild.  Come on New York Times,… Read more »


Omarosa To Release New White House Tape On The View

Omarosa to release New White House Tape on The View.  Uh oh, Omarosa is at it again, with another secretly recorded White House Tape, and this time she will be releasing the tape this on Monday, September 10th on The View.  This has not been a good week for the President. Read more here


Omarosa Allegedly Has Secret Recordings of Trump

Omarosa allegedly has secret recordings of Trump.  I’m not surprised that she has the recording’s.  I’m surprised that she got away with it.  It just goes to show you how security laxed they were in the White House.  Sources are saying that What House workers have them and are calling them the Omarosa tapes.  This… Read more »


Omarosa Says She NEVER Slept With Donald Trump

Omarosa says she never slept with Donald Trump.  Really??  Yes Omarosa says she never slept with Donald Trump…This woman will do and say anything to generate television ratings.  Of course the rumors were out there about them sleeping with Donald Trump but she is denying them.  She did hint that someone is sleeping around in… Read more »


Omarosa Getting A Talk Show?

Omarosa getting a talk show?  It looks that way.  According to the offers have been rolling in for Omarosa since leaving her position at the White House.  It was announced she will be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother which also included a syndicated talk show.  Will you be watching? Read here


Omarosa Has a New Gig

Omarosa has a new gig.  Wow that was fast.  It looks like her financial future is looking good.  The former White House Communications Director is not letting any grass grow under her feet.  Click below to see what her next endeavor is. I can tell you this… Whatever it is I won’t be buying. Read… Read more »


Omarosa May Have Recorded White House Conversations

Omarosa may have recorded White House Conversation.  What?? Does anybody past or present know how to keep their mouths shut in this administration??  My goodness what ever happened to National Security?   Now according the website Omarosa may have secretly recorded conversations in the White House.   If she did this and releases this… Read more »


Omarosa Could Earn $10M For Tell All Book

Omarosa could earn $10M for tell all book.  This lady has no loyalty to anyone.  It looks like she set herself up when she recently appeared on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan and told the world she had seen things in the White House under the Trump administration that made her very uncomfortable.  There’s… Read more »


Omarosa Declares War Against Robin Roberts

Omarosa declares war against Robin Roberts.  Bye Felicia…That’s what Robin Roberts said on Good Morning American yesterday when Omarosa appeared on the show telling Michael Strahan that she has a story to tell about her time in the White House.  Robin later replied “she (Omarosa) has a story to tell and I’m sure she gonna… Read more »


Omarosa May Get Fired from The White House

Omarosa may get fired from the White House.  What??  In my opinion she is not adding any value in the way of relationships with the Black Commuity in her position as Director of Communication for the office of Public Liaison.  Inside sources say she is messy and Chief of Staff John Kelly had limited her access… Read more »