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Is Colin Kaepernick’s Private NFL Workout a PR Ploy?


Colin Kaepernick

So Colin Kaepernick is supposed to attend a private workout with the NFL on Saturday (November 16) in Atlanta.   I was excited for him when I first heard about this, but now people are saying this could be a last minute PR trip.

Some people are questioning this move, because of the timing of the workouts.  People are questioning this because most NFL teams are preparing for Sunday’s games, so it wouldn’t be practical to travel to Atlanta the day before the game.  Plus, the NFL only gave him 2 hours to accept the deal, and the media was called.  I hope this is not the case, because Colin is very excited about the prospect of playing again, and it will not look good for Jay Z if it works out this way.  I want to see this man play again.  Don’t you?

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